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Vision & Objectives

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The Deoband Community Wikimedia envisions for a world where every person has free and easy access to the sum of all human knowledge. We focus on the representation of global Muslim academia, history, culture, heritage and scholarship, etcetera, within the Wikimedia projects. In order to achieve our goal, we closely work with the vision and mission of the Wikimedia Foundation, which hosts the famous online free encyclopedia, Wikipedia.

We strive to produce trained Muslim Wikimedians across the globe who participate in knowledge-sharing initiatives through Wikimedia projects and the global free knowledge movement. We collaborate and make programs to incorporate Wikipedia in Muslim minority institutions and other academic centers in order to help innovate in free knowledge. We promote edit-a-thons related to themes relevant to our vision on Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons and other Wikimedia projects.

We offer free training workshops on community leadership, excellence in education, host regular conversation hours – collectively help invest in transformational leadership in global education and hope to make transformational leaders in our community who can take us a step forward.

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