Deoband Community Wikimedia


Deoband Community Wikimedia is a thematic user-group affiliate of Wikimedia Foundation and runs on a consensus-based decision making.


  • Global Lead - Aafi is the founder of the DCW and currently a student at Jamia Millia Islamia in New Delhi. His responsibilities include overseeing the overall development of the affiliate, managing collaborations, planning and supporting events at DCW, offering universal support, compiling reports and efficiently manage Meta-Wiki and essential pages for optimal organizational performance. The role also involves frequent travels for the ground level implentation of several of our programs. Email:
  • Lead for Advancement and Communications - Munazza Anjum: The Lead for Advancement and Communications oversees strategic expansion and improvement, ensures consistent alignment with the DCW's messaging, and spearheads initiatives to advance mission and goals. This role involves curating and managing social media posts, utilizing strategies for increased reach and engagement, and implementing communication strategies for organizational growth. Additionally, the lead plays a an important role in shaping and communicating the DCW's narrative, contributing significantly to its overall success. Email:
  • DCW Conversation Hour Lead - Namrah: The DCW Conversation Hour lead plans, communicates and moderates the DCW Conversation Hour, and deciding speakers and issues for the conversation. The role also assures that the recordings of the conversation hour are timely made available on our YouTube channel for sharing with the wider community. This task was previously taken care of by Program Lead until December 2023, and was given a separate role following the 12th Conversation Hour, for the affiliate's optimal development. Email:
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