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In Solditarity with the Palestinian Community!

In Solidarity with the Palestinian Community!

According to The Wire, Israel had dropped the equivalent of two nuclear bombs on Gaza by mid-November 2023, and with the ongoing genocide Gaza continues to suffer and face humanitarian crisis, when it should not! Wikimedian Nada Kareem22 emphasised in a Diff blog dated 22 January 2024 that she feels like Titanic violinists "while hearing bombings in the background". Contributors like her belong to this global knowledge-sharing movement and we stand in solidarity with them in this time of grief. Nada had established Wikidata Arabic Community "before the forcible displacement".

The Adopted Logo

On 3 March 2024, Deoband Community Wikimedia in solidarity with the Palestinian Community modified its logo to incorporate the colors of the Palestinian flag. We believe this is the least we can do. A vast community is based in Palestine and if they are not safe and when their infrastructure is destroyed, there remains no way for serving knowledge. It is human and it requries humans to be safe!

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