Deoband Community Wikimedia (abbreviated as DCW) is a recognized user-group affiliate of the Wikimedia Foundation. It takes its name from the Deoband Islamic seminary, and aims at improving Wikipedia and its sister projects with knowledge and information related to but not limited to global Muslim academia, scholarship, history and culture, at a global level, in any language.

Established on 31 July 2021, DCW was recognised by the Affiliation Committee on 16 January 2022. It has introduced collaborative projects such as Deoband Yoruba Collaborative Project and DCW-K Editathon to sustain its growth and objectives. It hosts the DCW Conversation Hour once a month, and has firm activity plans for its growth and development.

In June 2023, DCW announced making of its leadership development and skills infrastructure plan and prior to that helped in making of Wikipedia 101, an educational learning video kit in in Turkish.